Jason Bateman and Jimmy Fallon Recreate a Scene From 'Teen Wolf Too' (VIDEO)

Jason Bateman is known now as a go-to guy for solid, hilarious comedic performances. But he's long been a staple of great cinema, as evidenced by his star turn in 'Teen Wolf Too.' He stepped into the big -- well okay, little -- shoes of Michael J. Fox and blew Jimmy Fallon away on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC).
He showed a clip of Bateman intimidating a woman at school and then he and Bateman decided to recreate the scene with Fallon as the old lady. It was ... well, about as good as the original actually.
Neither could quite stay in character, and we couldn't help laughing along as Fallon overacted both the disdain at Bateman's character and then ultimately the fear as he "wolfed" out a bit, intimidating her. It didn't quite make us want to go watch 'Teen Wolf Too,' but it did make us want to see them recreate some scenes from 'Love Stinks' next.



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