Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday - PoV Night endangers the Veterans

Last time on "Big Brother": Daniele won Head of Household, Adam wore an elf costume, and Rachel and Porsche nearly caused the San Andreas fault to crack by running concurrently inside the house. Yikes. That was some bouncy TV, y’all. Also: Brenchel might be over, with the pair put on the block for elimination this week. Let’s see if the veteran alliance can hold in the face of their toughest challenge yet. But it still can’t be as tough as every time I have to type out the word "Brenchel."

Daniele announces that her true target is Brendon, likening herself to Robin Hood. I know this is going to shock you, but Rachel is REALLY UPSET about what just happened. Brendon insists that he wants to keep Rachel in the game longer than himself, which may be a way of him saying, "I need a few weeks alone before I shackle myself to you for the rest of my sad, sad life." God, now HE is crying. Are Rachel Tears contagious? Should I see a doctor? I’m worried, guys. Then Brendon delivers what may be the line of the year in television to his fiancée, in talking about her big heart: "It’s right behind the mediastinum. And I only know that because I’m a Ph.D. student." Wow. My Douche-o-Meter just exploded. Read More...


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