RESCUE ME “Brownies” Review

RESCUE ME "Brownies" Season 7 Episode 4 – Rescue Me is such a curious show, and this episode is a perfect example of just how curious a show this is. It featured some of the show’s best quality: emotionally tough and bare scenes, centering primarily around the fantastic Maura Tierney, brilliant fires with real stakes and crazy stunts, some off-kilter humor with Sean’s new girlfriend which I was shocked to find that I actually found funny. It also featured some of the real duds which have brought this season down to a low in quality.

So let’s get the negative out of the way, because most of it came first, and secondly the quality of the episode was far better than the first ten or fifteen minutes, which was pretty much a hot mess of the show’s worst qualities: dwelling in the 9/11 aftermath and psychological damage inflicted upon Tommy Gavin, it moved on to explore the gulf surfacing within the station, which felt completely contrived. This was all instigated by the uncensored news story on Jimmy, which featured a prolonged interview with Tommy Gavin. This interview was outright terrible. Rescue Me has always been a weird mix of gritty realism and sublime fantasy, but this was neither. Why would a news reporter covering a story on a 9/11 hero move on to ask her interview subject about allegations of racism and sexism in the fire department? It was some pretty clumpy writing, mismatching the scenario and bringing about a completely phony confrontation which ended up going nowhere. (We’ll not even talk about the splitscreen phone call between Tommy and the ‘women’ of his household. Ugh). Read More...


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