FRANKLIN & BASH “Go Tell It on the Mountain” Review (Season Finale)

FRANKLIN & BASH "Go Tell It on the Mountain" Episode 10 (Season Finale) -Is it just me or did 10 episodes of this show just freaking fly by? Granted summer’s not my favorite time of year and I’m already excited for fall, but still, I’m getting a little sad that I’m going have to start saying goodbye to my summer shows.

This is the first summer finale for me and I’m happy to say that it didn’t go out with a whimper. In fact,the boys end up on their toughest case yet, defending their own boss on murder charges. Not only that but they’ve also got a sneaky second-in-command imposter pretending to be helping them but actually trying to tear the case apart so that she can get herself into that corner office. Needless to say her plan doesn’t work. Not only do Franklin and Bash do a bang-up job in court, but behind the scenesCarmen and Karp figure out Brett’s little scheme and send her packing. Read More...


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