Naruto Season 2 Episode 10 Surprise Attack! Naruto's Secret Weapon! Episode Recap

Using Kiba's own smokescreen as a cover, Naruto disguises himself as a third Kiba through use of the Transformation Technique and tricks Kiba into knocking Akamaru out, which only serves to anger Kiba. Naruto, however, is still at a disadvantage due to Kiba's pill-enhanced chakra and superior speed. Furthermore, Orochimaru's seal disrupts his already low chakra reserves, hindering Naruto's ability to build up enough chakra for his new technique. Kiba's onslaught ends when Naruto accidentally flatulates in Kiba's face, stunning him due to his enhanced sense of smell. Naruto then finishes the battle with Uzumaki Naruto Combo, a technique he based off of Sasuke's winning move that utilizes his shadow clones.

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