‘Burn Notice’ Season 5, Episode 6, ‘Besieged’: TV Recap

With Christmas lights hanging outside his house in July, Jacob doesn’t seem like much of a professional killer. At least that’s what Fiona thinks as this week’s episode of "Burn Notice" begins. After two days of sitting in her bright blue Hyundai, Fiona and Sam spot a heavily tattooed Latino gang headed for Jacob’s house. Despite the serendipitous union of Fiona, her "door kicking" Jimmy Choo’s and this event, Sam convinces her to go around back and grab Jacob while he goes in to cause a distraction. Jacob turns out to be an anxious guy with a little dog (named Mr. Pickles). Sam takes a hat and Jacob’s keys and drives his truck out the garage door and down the street while the Latinos open fire. Meanwhile Jacob and Fiona get acquainted. Back at Michael’s loft, Fiona greets the semi-burned spy who’s less than excited about his two new house guests. Although Jacob is safe, his phone is still back at the house with the gun-toting gang. So Michael heads to meet Sam while Fiona and Jessie return to the house for the phone.


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