Watch Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis Gang Up on Karl Pilkington

From the moment Karl Pilkington discussed 'Warren' Davis on The Ricky Gervais Show, I knew that a meeting between the two was bound to happen. There was a connection, after all; Warwick Davis appeared in an episode of Gervais and Stephen Merchant's show Extras, and teamed with the duo on their upcoming sitcom Life's Too Short. Seeing the socially insensitive Karl interact with Davis (who is a dwarf, for those who don't know) would be comedy gold just waiting to happen.

In a new video released through Gervais's blog, Pilkington and Davis finally meet, shake hands (twice), and then Davis sits in Pilkington's lap and discusses what it means to be a dwarf. They talk about everything from having a miniature television to Karl's parents letting him use a litter tray until the age of four. There's also a hilarious bit of role-playing when Gervais makes Karl and Warwick pretend to be conjoined twins. Read More...


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