‘Project Runway,’ Season 9, Episode 2, ‘My Pet Project’: TV Recap

It’s a hot glue mess of hamster bedding and birdseed. Please, it’s couture! Welcome to today’s crazy challenge on Project Runway.

Heidi tells the designers they are going to help unleash their creativity. Which they think means whips and chains. But, no, it’s pet carriers and cute doggie clothes and product placement! Hey! I know that pet store – it’s a block away from where Austin Scarlett and Mayor Koch live on Fifth Avenue! They have $300 and 30 minutes. Go!

I love these crazy challenges – I think the car one was my favorite, where someone made a great coat out of seatbelts. Someone wants to use the live animals. OK, they can lose now. Really, not funny.

Everyone is running to the leashes and plastic bags. Seriously – toy mice? Bird seed on top of muslin? All righty. Cecelia bought dog food and plans to use them like beads. Bryce bought wee wee pads so did Viktor. Laura, the pretty princess, bought one of those plastic megaphones and is going to make a skirt. I bet the model will be just as annoyed as my cats are when they have to wear one! Read More...



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