Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 42 Review: The Signs of a Counterattack

With the blizzard outside over, Miles prepares his men to kill Kimblee and Kimblee's two subordinates. Ed opposes the idea of killing them, but Miles warns him that letting his guard down will get him or others killed. Meanwhile, still in the tunnels, Marcoh's group stops for a rest, and Scar helps decode part of the research documents. Much of it is about immortality and gold, and May Chang reveals that those two things are connected for the Xing, with one theory being that the person who taught alchemy to the Xing had gold hair and was immortal. The group then finds the exit of the tunnels, and shortly thereafter, they also find Al buried in the snow. He tells them about the change at Briggs and how they have to hide somewhere else, so Scar decides to take them to a nearby village.

Back at the mining town, Ed is now accompanied by one of Miles men inside a suit of armor that looks like Al. Since Kimblee is looking for an underground route, Miles has his men set up sniper positions nearby, but Ed decides to go talk with Kimblee first. Ed wants Kimblee to leave the search to the Briggs soldiers, however Kimblee has realized what's going on around him and uses alchemy to kick up all the snow in the area. This allows him to get away, and while his two Chimera subordinates keep Ed busy, Kimblee comes across a bunch of footprints. Ed meanwhile finds himself at a disadvantage initially because the Chimera can rely on their smell with this low visibility, but he turns around and uses this to his advantage by transmuting a bunch of dynamite into ammonia, the smell of which takes out the Chimera.

Ed then catches up with Kimblee, and Kimblee prepares to fight with his Philosopher's Stone, but Ed proves faster than anticipated, knocking the stone away and cutting Kimblee's hand. Ed thinks that he's won, but Kimblee feels that Ed should have finished him off in that moment and reveals that he's got another Philosopher's Stone. He uses it to blow up the floor, sending Ed and the Chimera falling down into the shaft below. When Ed regains consciousness, he realizes that he's been impaled by a metal beam. Although the initial shock causes him to collapse, Ed finds enough strength to transmute away the back part of the metal beam. At around this same time, Al collapses as well because his body is pulling at his soul again.

Back in the mine shaft, Ed uses alchemy to free the Chimera from where they are buried so that they can pull the piece of metal out of him. His plan is to use alchemy to close the wound after the beam is out, and he knows that in lieu of a Philosopher's Stone, he'll have to use his own life. As one of the Chimera pulls out the beam, Ed focuses on how he's a Philosopher's Stone of one soul, and he tries to remember the feeling from when he used Envy's stone. In the end, Ed is successful, but he's too weak to continue on after Kimblee. One of the Chimera then finds the Philosopher's Stone that Kimblee dropped, and since he and his counterpart decide that they're free now, they carry Ed with them as they go looking for a way out and a doctor.

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