'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Three Contemporary Dancers and a B-boy Walk into a Barre

I could go on and on about how unshocking and predictable tonight's results were. I could rhapsodize about how this has been a genuinely anticlimactic season. Or I could forgo all the grousing and tell you how Justin Giles told Lady Gaga to suck it. You see, some weeks ago, Gaga was...well...let's saypersnickety about the presence of a rose in a contemporary routine between Jess and Lauren Gottlieb. Gaga, a performing arts school alumna, thought the rose was gratuitous since Jess's arm could have just as well expressed the rose. And then we have tonight's opening number ("Grown Unknown" by Lia Ices), in which the top six dancers literally worshipped at the altar of the rose. It was the über-prop. I actually quite liked the routine. It was dynamic and multifaceted in a way that most of the group numbers haven't been this season, yet it was also whimsical at times. Perhaps it wasn't Giles' intention to stick it to Gaga, but I still wonder WWGD — What Would Gaga Do? Read More...



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