Nodame Cantabile Finale Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Lesson 2

Nodame is excited to tell Chiaki the great news of her first salon concert. However she gets home, she overhears him talking with the piano tuner that he's moving out. He tells her that she's not the reason he's leaving, he's leaving because everyone is practicing, and although that's great, it hinders his studying. He tells her that he's not living that far so she can visit sometime. While packing, Chiaki gets a phone call from his mom in Japan and he starts lecturing him that he better keep close contact with Nodame since she is his angel. Chiaki can't imagine it. I guess this episode/arc is mainly for Son Rui. We find out that instead of making friends and falling in love, she just went back to her routine with just practicing including private lessons from Auclair. However her lessons from Auclair are barely lessons, where all they talk about it chocolate and food. Auclair tells her in France, performers are also called chefs so music and food are in harmony, which Rui lacks in the food aspect. In fact, she doesn't even know how to cut meat, identify it or enjoy it. The next day, she goes to observe Nodame's lesson with Auclair. There, Auclair gives her specific instructions on all the pieces she plays. She sometimes goes off track with being excited about Chiaki but for the most part, she's getting trained hard from Auclair. That night, she walks into her place to find out her mom is in town. She actually catches her trying on one of her boots, claiming that it was so ridiculous she had to try it on. Her mom sees the state the apartment is in, claiming she obviously needs help. The reason why she is in town is because Rui is getting a lot of requests to perform. Rui tells her mom that she told her that she wasn't performing while she is in school. Her mom tries to push her that it's for her own good but Rui bursts out that this is for her mom's sake, not hers, that her mom wanted to her (i.e. Son Rui). Rui burst out the door not wanting to deal with it after realizing she only brought her cell phone. She looks at her phone book to see who to call and stops on Chiaki. Meanwhile Chiaki is in rehearsal with the Martlet Orchestra. They're about to continue practicing when the familiar faces of the dance club come in and tell them to get out. As Chiaki is leaving, he gets a call from Rui.

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