CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Munch By Proxy” Review

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL "Munch By Proxy" Season 3, Episode 10 – This week on Childrens Hospital we were introduced to Owen’s secret wife and their newborn child. Owen’s wife, Kelly, played by an adorable and hilarious Alicia Silverstone, comes into Childrens Hospital to have their child treated by the professionals for a mysterious disease. The hospital staff is shocked to discover that Owen had been keeping his secret family hidden from them this whole time.

I loved the bickering in the early part of the episode between Owen and Kelly. Kelly truly believes that Owen is too much of an incompetent idiot to be a doctor, and she suggests that at best he might be a veterinarian or a massage therapist. Just to "prove his a-hole wife" that he is a doctor, Owen meets with a team of Childrens Hospital experts and tries to solve the mystery of his baby’s illness. He doesn’t even know his kid’s name, but this isn’t about the baby, it’s about proving his wife wrong. Read More...


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