WILFRED “Pride” Review

WILFRED "Pride" Season 1 Episode 7 – Hate to say it WILFRED fans, but once again, I was not impressed with this week’s episode. It was less funny and raunchier than previous episodes. Not thatWilfred has ever pulled away from
exploring the. um. darker side of life, but I found that "Pride" was less funny and more contrived than the other episodes of the season.

It was all sex. I’m not a prude, but when the entire 24 minutes is ALL sex, I tend to lose interest and quickly. Maybe that’s just me, but even the reason for the sexual situations was thrown on the back burner to make room for, you guessed it! More sex.

To break it down: Ryan is struggling for money. He’s blown through is savings, and while his sister says that she’ll help him out (all he has to do is ask) he won’t ask anyone for help. While driving to the mall to get some "free air conditioning", Wilfred grabs the wheel of Ryan’s car, making him crash into another. Hey, he figured Ryan would get to sue the woman, so his intentions were those of good. Read More...



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