SUITS (USA) “Play The Man” Review

SUITS (USA) "Play The Man" Episode 7 – I was so excited to see this episode finally as this was the one they were filming when I visited the set in Toronto. But little did I know just how awesome this one would turn out to be.

First of all, you know, both shirtless Harvey and shirtless Mike. Just sayin’.

Anyway, moving on. It’s mock trial week and Mike gets paired up with a guy who seems to want nothing better than to tear him to shreds. This forces Mike to go to Jenny to ask for help and the difference between her and Rachel is striking. Whereas Rachel can’t stand to be around Mike and is acting like she hates him for all his lies, Jenny thinks what he did is pretty cool. This leads to the two of them sleeping together, but when Mike is forced to hurt Rachel in order to win his case, he holds back. Now I know it didn’t play well with Harvey and the rest of the associates, but I don’t think I would have respected him much if he’d gone on with tearing Rachel apart just so he could win a mock trial. Now of course this makes things extra complicated as he and Rachel have sort of patched things up and there’s no doubt there’s still something between them, too. Read More...


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