BURN NOTICE “Besieged” Review

BURN NOTICE "Besieged" Season 5 Episode 7 – As usual, Michael’s got a whole lot of stuff on his plate in this episode. First of all there’s the little matter of his doppelganger, aka Jacob, and figuring out who he is and who hired him. I can’t say I was too shocked that that led to Michael nearly getting killed. Something tells me the person who set him up for Max’s murder isn’t exactly going to be Mr.Nice Guy.

Then there’s the case that the team takes on to help out a friend of Sam’s. Child custody cases are always tough but when the dad in question is also part of a radical militia group, things go from tough to downright scary. This was easily one of the most exciting episodes of this series this season. Lots of shoot’em ups, things going boom, Fi hanging off the bottom of a truck, plus a sick little boy that needs to be rescued. Jeesh, talk about having me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Luckily Michael and the rest of the gang once again work together like the great team that they are and everyone out safely. Read More...



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