Nabari no Ou Complete Series Part 2 Review

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With the first half of Nabari no Ou, I found a series from JC Staff that really appealed to me visually and had a slightly off standard approach to its storyline. While the core concept was familiar, the execution of it was a bit more languid and it was taking its time to get there, but not in a bad way as it introduced the various families, their relationships and the core cast of characters started to bond. With the second season though, it feels as though it's falling too much into this trap of not making much progress and then everything comes together in a far too quick climax, followed by far too much of an epilogue.

The premise for the second half is still essentially the same in that Miharu is staying very cloes with Yoite in order to achieve the Shinrabansho so he can grant Yoite his wish of being erased. The set opens by finishing out the story in the academy where several different factions ended up together before it shifts gears into trying to figure out where the Engentsurin is located so they can have the final piece of the puzzle. Though the actual item is a bit different from the previous ones, it still does come down to the same kind of hunt as the others but with the twist of where it actually is and what it's unleashing will actually do. All of that is saved for the climax of the series, which comes around episode twenty-four or so when the Shinrabansho is predictable released.

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