Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Protect the Dragonballs! The Namekian Offensive

The first huge chunk of this episode revolves around Goku at Capsule Corporation and in the spaceship Dr. Briefs prepared for him. I do find Bulma's parents to be funny characters, but they could have cut this down even further if what they're trying to do is get to the point faster. I think they did cut out part of Goku's reaction to taking off into space, because I could have sworn he wondered why it was nighttime in space, or something of the sort, in the original episode of DBZ, which is a perfect example of his lack of education.

I'm not sure how the ship can possible stay structually sound if Goku is training under so many times gravity. Wouldn't the ship collapse under it's own weight, or implode, or something? I really don't know enough about physics, but it just seems a little weird. But, this is the world of Dragon Ball, so it's best not to think too hard on it. Especially since Goku already went to space once and placed that rabbit guy and his thugs on the moon (and they're probably dead, since Roshi blew up the moon some months later). Yeah, best to just dismiss that altogether.

The next part of the episode has Gohan and Kuririn witnessing the brutality of Freeza and his henchmen, many of whom seem to be part of various races, ranging from very human-like, to dogs-loking guys. Vegeta spends all his time overhearing this on his scouter, at least until the village elder destroys the other scouters. And there are definitely some redrawn parts in this portion, which are easily noticable, but don't clash too much with the old animation.

There's just a lot of observing in this episode, not much else to talk about. Freeza and his men are especially cruel in the next episode.

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