Bleach Season 13 Episode 255 Review: Final Chapter-Zanpakutou Unknown Tales

While the battle outside is still going on, Ichigo finds himself inside of the world where which Muramasa resides. Muramasa still wants to settle things with him, so the two start fighting, and although Ichigo initially has some trouble, he's able to overcome Muramasa's abilities thanks to Zangetsu's help. Through it, Ichigo comes to understand what it means for Shinigami and Zanpakutou to acknowledge and accept each other's existence. This inner world then starts crumbling, so Ichigo tries to make Muramasa realize that he has no reason to fight given how Kouga claimed he didn't need him and how it was Muramasa's own desire to understand Kouga that drove him. Ichigo then expresses his own connection to Zangetsu and declares that the Shinigami and Zanpakutou are irreplaceable to each other. Since they're running out of time, Ichigo and Muramasa charge at each other, and Ichigo wins. Ichigo saves Muramasa though, and all this causes the giant dome to disappear in the real world. All that's left are Ichigo and Muramasa, and Muramasa finally understands what Ichigo was talking about. He then breaks and disappears, and in the aftermath, all of the Zanpakutou return to their respective Shinigami's weapons, and Byakuya is grateful towards Ichigo.

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