'Curb Your Enthusiasm' - 'The Vow of Silence': Escape to New York

A quick review of tonight's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"coming up just as soon as I direct a "Silver Spoons" on 48 hours notice... "Here's an idea: why don't you mind your own business?" -the pig parker"Well, I suppose that's an idea. Not a very good one, though." -Larry

"The Vow of Silence" has as its main goal getting Larry to move to New York for whatever's going to happen with the rest of the season. And yet on the way to that goal, it's a pretty classically-structured episode of "Curb," one with that elegant design where all the plot threads(*) come together at the end, and where there's an equal mix of Larry being obnoxious but right (the parking issue(**), calling out the woman for her chat-n-cut) and Larry just being a bit of a jerk (he and Jeff engaging in a spiteful eating of the Pinkberry, depriving Oscar of his last meal, Larry being pushy with the vet). I loved how the growing awareness of the chat-n-cut wound up biting Larry in the ass and putting him into the path of Tessler(***), which in turn dug him in deep enough that he had no choice but to commit to the New York lie. I like that this is the reason Larry would move cross-country: he's just that stubborn that he'll spend months living in Renny Harlin's apartment just to get out of spending an afternoon with those kids, or letting Tessler act morally superior to him. That's our Larry. Read More...



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