'Breaking Bad' - 'Bullet Points': House of cards

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I have actual hobos living with me... 

"Oh, God. How did everything get so screwed up?" -Walt

"Bullet Points" is a very oddly-structured, but never uninteresting, episode of "Breaking Bad." We get our usual self-contained teaser sequence, this time with a chilly Mike taking out a pair of Gus's rivals who were attacking the latest shipment, but after that, things get a bit... different. 

There's an extremely long segment(*) about Skyler prepping herself and Walt for unleashing their gambling lie on the rest of the family, then an almost-as-long bit at Hank and Marie's house for the telling of the lie and Walt's discovery that Hank is looking into the late Gale. And just when it seems like this might be the first episode of the series to not feature Aaron Paul, Jesse turns up around the midway point and the episode suddenly becomes all about him. Even when he's not on-screen, he's all anybody can talk about.  Read More...



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