Keeping up with the Kardashians Season 6 Episode 8

On episode 8 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott hosts a club party in Las Vegas while Kendall and Kylie are not happy with Kris’ renewed interest in their lives.

Kris gives us an inside look at her busy schedule. Over dinner, Kris is surprised to learn what her two youngest daughters have been doing at school and is upset that she knows so little about them. Kourtney tells Kris she needs to make more time for the girls, throwing it in her face that Bruce knows more about them than she does.  Even though Kris complains to Bruce, he agrees with Kourtney and points out the many ways that Kris is unavailable.

Scott gets asked to host a party in Vegas.  He knows Kourtney will worry about him because of his drunken and violent past.  Before telling Kourtney, he visits his therapist thinking if he can get the therapist behind him, he will have more ammo to convince Kourtney it will be okay. Instead, the therapist warns him that even one or two drinks is dangerous for him, that sobriety is the only way to go.  At a restaurant, Scott tells Kourtney about the hosting gig, asking her to come with him. He tells her about the offer to host the party. Since Kourtney is busy that weekend, she can’t go with him. Right away Kourtney is nervous, knowing that Scott alone in Vegas is a bad idea. Scott urges her to trust him. Read More...


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