Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 41 Review: The Moment We�ve Waited For! Son Goku is Revived

Vegeta helps Gohan avoid a blast from Frieza since he's powered up, therefore is able to see faster things. He believes he's become a super saiyan and he starts to fight against Frieza. Gohan and Krillin believe he's winning against Frieza but Piccolo sees further. He knows that although Vegeta is trying his hardest, Frieza is only playing with him. Then with a blink of an eye, Frieza shows his true speed and Vegeta can't follow him. He doesn't want to believe that he's weaker than Frieza so he creates a huge blast that can destroy the planet and Frieza just kicks it away without any trouble. Because of this Vegeta, for the first time in this life, is afraid for his life. Something that he believed was the strongest blast he's ever created, was simply kicked away. He loses the will to fight and is at the mercy of Freiza. Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin can't move and just let Frieza continue with his torture. Meanwhile Goku senses Vegeta's power going on, then all of a sudden, the machine tells him he is fully healed. He gets out of the machine and ready to set out. He realizes that he's again become stronger. He's ready to set out to fight against Frieza!

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