'Breaking Bad' recap: The Kelly Criterion

How much are you willing to gamble right now in order to win in the long run?

That’s the big question behind this episode ofBreaking Bad. While practicing his card game with Skyler, Walt says that he’s been studying the Kelly criterion, a mathematical formula that determines the optimal size of a series of bets for the best possible outcome. And the Kelly criterion is a good metaphor, because this week, everyone’s trying to figure out how much to wager today in order to come out ahead tomorrow.

There’s Hank, who risks tipping his hand to Walt so that he can eventually catch Heisenberg. There’s Jesse, who thinks not caring about anything will help him get through tomorrow, though his reckless attitude may get him killed tonight. And there’s Walt and Skyler, whose suspicious gambling story could immediately blow their cover with Hank and Marie—though if it doesn’t, it will buy them a whole lot of time in explaining the car wash. Read More....



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