'Big Brother' recap: Tears for Fears

Wah, wah, wah. Everyone was crying this week. Crying under blankets. Crying behind horn-rimmed glasses. Crying at pictures from home. Crying on purple couches... The list goes on and on. As Darren noted Wednesday, clearly the psychological stress of this much boredom is starting to eat up the houseguests from within.

Perhaps most notably in Rachel's delusions of grandeur that she is some sort of military dictator. Twice during tonight's show, she mentioned being at war with someone (first Daniele, then Kalia). As much as I love the sound of the name "Generalissimo Rachel," she gave herself a little too much credit there, don't you think? Being a warlord implies that you have some sort of power, and Rachel couldn't have been farther from the sphere of influence this episode. Not helped by the fact that she spent essentially the first half of the episode curled up in the fetal position. And what was up with that ridiculous attempt at psychological warfare against Daniele right before the nomination ceremony? To Rachel, apparently war means just being really annoying. So every day is war for her then, I guess. Read More...



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