THE GLADES “Iron Pipeline” Review

THE GLADES "Iron Pipeline" Season 2, Episode 9 – As a native Floridian, I will always judge shows set in Florida with a bit of a heavy hand, even as I appreciate them putting a spotlight on my homeland. It’s just because so many of them get it wrong, mostly because they’re filmed in Los Angeles. Sorry,CSI Miami, there are no mountains in the Everglades.

That being said, I really want to like The Glades. They actually film in Florida! They don’t buffer every scene with sweeping shots of the swamp or stock footage of half-naked women tanning on the beach. It seems like they’re trying to do Florida justice.

I just wish they could pay as much attention to their plots.

This is only the second episode I’ve ever seen, yet it contains the second "totally-out-of-left-field-and-possibly-out-of-character" culprit reveal. Is this a hallmark of the show? I can’t be sure yet, but I find it worrisome. We all love a good twist at the end, but that twist needs to be set up properly or else it just feels like a cheap ending. Read More...


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