DROP DEAD DIVA “Mothers’ Day” Review

DROP DEAD DIVA "Mothers’ Day" Season 3 Episode 7 - Jane deals with essentially being two women pretty well usually, but things get trickier when both Jane and Deb’s mothers come to town. Both women are involved in lawsuits and Jane takes on both – one out of a sense of duty and one out of love. Elaine, Jane’s mother, finds herself faced with possible jailtime after she activates the emergency exit on a stationary aeroplane. Bobbi, Deb’s mother, is asked by Grayson to sue a casino who used Deb’s image in a promotional campaign.

Meanwhile, Fred is feeling a little stifled by Stacey’s mothering behaviour and turns to Kim for advice – which leads to him attempting to move out of the house. He doesn’t, however, because he decides he’ll miss Stacey too much. They make up and he moves back home.

Overall, I liked this most of this episode. I adore Elaine and Bobbi, and it’s great to see them back. They’re both engaging as individual characters but it’s their effect on Jane, and how they bring the Deb side of her personality front and centre with the Jane side, that I find particularly interesting. Read More...



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