AGAINST THE WALL “A Good Cop” Review

AGAINST THE WALL "A Good Cop" Episode 2 – If you’ve ever watched a cop drama on a regular basis, you know that for police officers, IA (or Internal Affairs) is pretty much the boogeyman. They’re the hard-assed dicks who dare to find fault with Elliot Stabler of Law and Order: SVU punching anyone he feels needs his fist in their face. They are the villains to the TV cops’ heroes, the ones we can’t wait to see fail in their mission to thwart true justice.

Being a champion of villains my whole life (am I the only one who cheers on Jaws?), I pretty much love that Lifetime has decided to put out Against the Wall, a show about a female detective who goes against her family of police officers and takes a job in IA. Of course, Abby Kowalski (Rachael Carpani) isn’t really a villian; she actually believes that IA clears good cops as often as it catches bad cops. Admirable? Sure. Naive? Maybe. Read More...


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