HAVEN “Sparks and Recreation” Review

HAVEN "Sparks and Recreation" Season 2, Episode 4 – After the emotional ending of last week’s episode, I was loving the extra dose of comedy we got in this week’s Haven.

Jason Priestley did a great job making Chris an anti-social geek who only coaches the kids on little league because he doesn’t consider children to be people. Chris is a cranky, irritable, marine biologistwhose characteristics do not lend themselves well to being a plagued with popularity. I laughed out loud every time the townspeople would stare at him blissfully or dote on him because he reacted as if he was offended by their kindness. His father, possessed with the same Trouble, didn’t have the same comedic effect because as a politician, he ate up all the attention.

The popularity Trouble to anyone else wouldn’t seem like a trouble at all, but to Chris, it’s the worst thing that could have happened to him. As a viewer, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on Haventhis season. I could not stop laughing at the end when Chris was trying to coach the little league team, but the pitcher was incapable of performing because he was so mesmerized by him. Read More...



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