CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Vow Of Silence” Review

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM "Vow Of Silence" Season 8 Episode 5 – Curb Your Enthusiasm is an apt name for this show. In fact I never realized just how perfect the name was until about halfway through this episode, when I found myself daydreaming about the episode of Breaking Bad I’d yet to see or that Neil Gaimon book I had sitting on my night table which I’d yet to finish. I feel so enthusiastic about these works, so enthusiastic that I can watch three episodes of Breaking Badwhere nothing really happens, only to immediately start pumping myself up for the next episode by reading a bunch of reviews.

That doesn’t happen with Curb Your Enthusiasm. When I’m finished with the episode, I feel nothing. Maybe my lips curl at the edges because of one of the many one-liners Curb Your Enthusiasmthrows into an episode. But that’s about as emotionally invested as I get-lip curling emotion. Is that even an emotion? Read more...


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