Recap 'Big Brother': Kalia puts two more players on the block

So, Jeff and Jordan are in danger, Kalia's HOH and Rachel is in mourning. It's upside down world! But I have to admit this -- as annoying as Rachel is, as gross as Brenchel (Brachel, Beezlebub, whatever) can be, I still wanted Brendon to stay in the house last week. Maybe familiarity has just worn be down, maybe I just like car wreck TV, but as childish and bratty as Rachel could be and as utterly co-dependant as Brendon could be I'm rooting for the veterans (okay, not so sure about Rachel, but she serves a purpose). This season more than any other, I see Rachel's point about floaters, and the newbies are definitely floating down a lazy river toward the half million dollar prize. 

 Kalia, who seemingly just woke up and won HOH screams, cries and generally acts as if HOH is a wedding proposal from a wealthy prince or the Nobel Peace Prize, is a little hysterical about actually winning something. It's so exciting to be HOH! 

 Porsche, who seems to be only slightly smarter than a bag of hair, finds herself under scrutiny by Jeff and Jordan after she "accidentally" puts Jeff up against Shelly during the HOH challenge. Jeff and Jordan are sure she's now aligning with the newbies, but I'm not convinced. Porsche really might be that stupid. Read More...


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