Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Cold Grey Light of Dawn'

Welcome to the latest edition of "True Blood"! Well lookee here! Marnie and her spirit tenant have a brand-new pet vampire! And the pet vampire is helping Marnie escape from Bill’s super-well-lit kingly vampire hoosegow! But, hey, before we blow this joint: Vampire pet? Can you do Marnie a solid and kill that chick that posed as a witch before revealing herself as a pawn of Vampire Bill? Awesome! Thanks, pet vampire!

Meanwhile, Pam’s face may be fallin’ off, but her ninja vampire ass-kicking skills are still doin’ fine, thank you. She’s beating up Tara right good for messing with her face. Oh, no! What will become of Tara and her suddenly lesbian-ness? Enter the deus ex machina: A curious crowd of locals who whip out their cell phones just as Pam is about to turn Tara into her own personal blood pack. We all know that killing or feeding on camera is a big no-no in official vampire circles, so Pam backs off.

Now let’s head to Mexico, where Jesus and his brujo grandfather are arguing over all that rattlesnake nonsense. And it really was nonsense; the grandfather never even meant to kill Jesus with that snakebite, or anything like that. Hee! Bygones! Read More...


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