"Entourage" recap 8x3

Drew: This episode starts by showing us some actual repercussions of Vince's drug use. He's in an AA meeting, and not to spoil anything yet, but by the end of the episode the guys might have actually experienced the darkest moment on the series so far. But my first question is: what is the history between the boys and that producer who comes up to Vince after the meeting and tries to make amends?

Matt: The producer who shoots himself at the end of the episode, and who was in that rehab group with Vince, is Carl Ertz. He's played by Kim Coates, an amazing Canadian actor who's on "Sons of Anarchy" and has had a long career as a character actor. Ertz was first introduced in the 2008 episode "Fantasy Island," when Vince was hiding out down in Mexico following the failure of his dream project "Medellin." Ertz contacted him and offered him a comeback project, a tropical crime thriller that had been turned down be Emile Hirsch. (Remember when Emile Hirsch was the next big thing as a leading man?) Anyway, it turned out that Ertz was only courting Vince to drive down Hirsch's asking price. When the boys discovered this, they trashed Ertz's car as revenge. But this being Hollywood, where the deal is more important than personal animosity, Vince didn't bear any ill will over that. Plus there was the rehab bond, which counts for a lot. Read More...



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