THE BIG C “Goldilocks And The Bears” Review

THE BIG C "Goldilocks and the Bears" Season 2 Episode 7 – Last week’s episode was my favorite the show has ever done, and this one, while not quite as good, continued on with the show’s streak of providing new avenues to show cancer, the effects it has on those who suffer from it and those around her.

There were some inconsequential subplots involving dinner scenes and Sidibe’s character’s insistence to draw attention to her weight every thirty seconds, which is frankly repetitive and dull. There was also a delightful opening scene with Cathy’s brother which was not at all annoying, and Paul’s back which resolved itself in quite a funny way, but this episode, for me at least, was about Lee and his effect on Cathy.

Lee reminds me of those pixie girl stereotypes – that breed of cute and perky and quirky Audrey Hepburn / Zooey Deschanel, but not in a bad way that ‘stereotype’ is often associated. He’s like one of those characters who are so smiley, so joyful, who lends so much happiness to others that they have none left for themselves. I always found something profoundly distressing about those pixie girl types. It’s a quality the actress brings to the screen, for it’s not in the script. Lee has that, and Hugh Dancy affords him that, as he and Cathy mentioned several episodes ago, that weird desolate emptiness, somewhere just beyond the surface of his character. Read More...


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