WEEDS “Vehement v Vigorous” Review

WEEDS "Vehement v Vigorous" Season 7 Episode 7 – Just over the halfway point of the season we’re finally on the road towards the finale. It’s a straight road, with possibly a few unexpected junctures and detours, but you can get a bit of a gist about where the show is heading after watching this episode. For what has hitherto been a seemingly aimless season, this should have been a game changing episode. So why was it so boring?

That answer can probably be found at third base of the corporate softball game the company pitched, which Nancy attended to start selling weed to corporate hotshots, as well as to get out of the sight of her pernickety halfway house parole officer, who nonetheless followed her to the game, feeling resentful towards her about the fact that she cost him his job. This entire plot elicited a big shrug of "whatever" out of me, and out of the writers too. Andy’s distinction between Nancy’s "circular, oh, no wait, spiral" journey was a pretty interesting concept, except it should have been inverted as in, "spiral, oh no wait, circular." Because Nancy hasn’t changed-she’s grown in confidence, maybe, but she hasn’t evolved in the way that Walter White or Tara Gregson evolved. She’s back to first base, necking with corporate elite who want to get high. Read More...



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Dec 15, 2012 4:00PM EST

Silas and Shane need to fly the coop and do their own thing same thing with Andy lets hope this happens.

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