TEEN WOLF “Formality” Season 1 Episode 11 - Review

TEEN WOLF "Formality" Season 1 Episode 11 - Tonight’s TEEN WOLF is a good build up to next week’s season finale. "Formality" presents an odd mix of juvenile humor, sexual tension and horror, but it works. It basically sets up a series of events that is gearing toward a big showdown. Who will be on which side? Who will even survive the melee?

Which is the real Allison – frightened or kick-ass? Allison is teetering between being scared out of her mind and putting on a happy face. It seems she has completely changed her opinion and is open todating Scott again. Just a distraction or more? But now she knows about Scott the werewolf. Is the relationship off?

Who is the vet really? What is the vet? A werewolf, another pack? He’s obviously more dominant than Peter.

Kate accused Derek of not telling her what she wants to know and protecting the guy who killed his sister. But she was after the Beta (aka Jackson and Scott), and Peter was the one responsible for killing Laura. Am I missing something? Or does Kate not know about it, or maybe she knows something that Derek doesn’t? Read More...



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