SWITCHED AT BIRTH “The Homecoming” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH "The Homecoming" Season 1 Episode 10 (Season Finale) - The first season of SWITCHED AT BIRTH has gone by so quickly! As a season finale, "The Homecoming" does a great job of ending the chapter and introducing new plot, in preparation for next season. We have the character of Angelo to look forward to, as well as the new rivalry between Bay and Daphne. We are also left to think about the possibility of relationships between Daphne and Wilke (yes!) and Regina and Angelo (no!). How long will Emmett and Bay last? Will Kathryn assert herself more in season two (I hope so)? What will become of the lawsuit? Tonight’s episode even illustrates the difficult task of reading lips and how much effort it takes for a deaf person to follow a conversation with hearing people. All in all, a well-rounded episode.

There is something to be said for getting to the point. Poor Bay gets a double dose with her biological dad showing up and Daphne confronting her about Emmett. I am glad the writers didn’t drag out finding the dad or revealing the relationship to Daphne.

Well, that was out of the blue. I guess it’s easier to find, or be found by, a biological parent than one would expect. Bay just had to advertise in the newspaper. I absolutely love Bay’s outgoing yet vulnerable personality – witty and sarcastic, but bubbly as opposed to moody. Read More...



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