WHITE COLLAR “Countdown” Advance Review

WHITE COLLAR "Countdown" Season 3 Episode 10 – It’s that time again, folks. The summer season of White Collar is over and now I have the gargantuan task of trying to convey how I felt about thisepisode without giving away any spoilers.

Okay, here goes….

First things first I must say a few words about the amazing Beau Bridges and his role as Peter’s mentor, Agent Kramer. It’s no spoiler to say that Peter admits he learned everything he knows from the man and after watching Kramer interact with Neal for less than 30 seconds, you will have no doubt that’s true. He was spectacular in every scene he was in and complimented the interaction between Peter and Neal perfectly.

Next up I just have to give a little nod to the music and some of the more fun sequences that were shot in this one. It really gave it a cool vibe, like something out of a 1960?s spy flick and I liked it a lot. Read More...



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