ALPHAS “Never Let Me Go” Review

ALPHAS "Never Let Me Go" Season 1, Episode 5 – There was a familiar X-Files feel to this week’s creepy episode of Alphas which followed the investigation of a string of horrifying deaths in a smallPennsylvania town.

For the first half of the episode the victims were absolutely terrifying and had an almost zombie-like quality to them. They were not obsessed with brains or flesh eating, but it was still difficult to think of them as anything but monsters. Even though I had been trying to mentally prepare myself for it, I jumped out of my seat when Dr. Rosen and Rachel were pounced on by the sheriff in that dark empty station.

Once we knew that these victims were not infected with a contagious zombie disease and that were actually experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, the visuals remained frightening but their suffering immediately became grounded in a much more tangible reality. Any fear was replaced with a feeling of urgency for the Alphas team to quickly solve the mystery so they could prevent such excruciating deaths. Read More...


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