EUREKA “Omega Girls” Review

EUREKA "Omega Girls" Season 4 Episode 15 - Last week EUREKA fans were greeted with news that SyFy had only ordered six episodes for Season 6 in addition to the already approved Season 5. This started a lot of conversation and buzz on the Internets that the show was being cancelled, until SyFy and some of the folks tied to the show said that wasn’t the case. Do you think SyFy is aiming to cancel Eureka? Is it possibly a hedge by SyFy to see how the rest of Season 4.5 and Season 5 do ratings wise? Is it part of a negotiation ploy with the Eureka team for future episodes? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Speaking of unwelcome news, this episode is full of revelations with bad implications for various resident of Eureka. Henry, Carter and Zane have figured out that Allison is under control of someone else. This is a sticky situation because Allison takes over on an interim basis for Fargo while he tries out for the Astraeus mission. Carter soon confronts Allison, but she activates a fail safe that knocks out everyone inside the city limits. This allows Beverly and her partners to try to sneak into GlobalDynamics and steal all their research and experiment data. Read More...


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