Teen Wolf: Dead Man's Party

Sweet Mother of GOD!!!

Last night's Teen Wolf still has my mouth on the floor. I'm having a hard time trying to type and keep my jaw in place, but I will manage both tasks to discuss this epic episode with you guys. There is so much to discuss that I don't even know where to begin, so I'm just going to jump right into the thick of things.

Allison KNOWS Everything!

Not only did Allison find out about her heritage and birthright, she also accidentally found out about Scott's own secret as well. To make matters worse, Allison found this out right after she and Scott finally reconciled after Scott told her how much he loved her. Talk about heart-ripping stuff!

The opening scene with Allison driving and replaying her conversation with Kate was a brilliant blend of writing, acting, and direction and Crystal Reed simply owned tonight. Allison's earth-shattering revelation that Scott is the beast in her weird fairy tale had me seriously wanting to take the girl home and console her, because she's on the verge of snapping into a split image of her aunt Kate... which leads me into the next shocker of the night. Read More...



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