Warehouse 13 Review: The Return of H.G. Wells

A lot of this season has been be set up around building Pete and Myka up to something and "3...2...1..." felt like a sign of things to come.

A hookup between Pete and Myka? Maybe. A lot of the signs seem to point in that direction, don't they?

We had the flashbacks with Jack and Rebecca, who decided to explore where they could go together, despite the rather significant odds they faced of being killed. Then there was H.G. and Wally (R.I.P. Ianto), who also displayed some serious sparks.

(By the way, I would kill for a spin-off that features Jack and Rebecca over H.G. any day.)

"3…2...1…" was supposed to offer some redemption for Wells and I could definitely see some of it. However, a lot of what she was doing ended up being pompous and annoying. She’s brilliant, she was a great agent, and she always has a plan. Great qualities, but why make smug remarks? They rubbed me the wrong way. Read More...



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