'Masterchef' Judge Graham Elliot: The Cooks Don't Want to Be Pushed Around Anymore

Graham Elliot is a world renowned chef and judge on Fox's'MasterChef' who'll be guest blogging for AOL TV from time to time this season. Here are his thoughts on this week's episode ...

This was an exciting challenge ... and a daunting one. Patina has a Michelin star, which Joe, Gordon and I have been awarded and I can tell you those stars don't come easy. It's a leap to go from a talented home cook to serving a full restaurant. Chef and Owner Joachim Splichal has a menu of delicious dishes and very elaborate plating. Every dish is like a work of art. I wasn't kidding about them going into "culinary warfare." But I'm ahead of myself ... more on that later.

I was as surprised as Christian that team captains Suzy and Tracy didn't choose Christian in their first picks. It seems as if his cocky personality has had an effect on the other cooks. They are confident enough to lead now and don't want to be pushed around.


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