Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Immortal Vegeta`s Defeat! Cause a miracle, Son Gohan

You have to hand it to Vegeta. He's one resiliant motherfucker. Kaioken? Gallic-Ho. Kamehameha? Oozaru. Kienzan? Dodge. Tail cut off? Still kick your ass. Genki Dama? Comes back. Oozaru Gohan? Kienzan! Squish? Still alive. Fuck, this guy just won't die. I guess it only goes to show how tough he is and how desperate the battle was. It also goes to show later how nerfed he gets after the Freeza battle (maybe even before).

The episode covers most of episodes 34 and 35 of the original run of the series. Wow, in sixteen episodes, we've covered that much material. Obviously there won't be a clear cut ending to this current arc, since they seem to want to do most of the aftermath and the beginning of the next arc in the next episode. I think by episode 22 we'll have Vegeta's fight with Cui.

The episode was done rather well, but there were still some awkward frames here and there that I would have appreciated some touching up on. For instance, Vegeta's look when Yajirobe attacks him is a little off-model. It did flow naturally, though, and was fairly exciting.

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