Naruto Season 2 Episode 20 A Feeling of Yearning, A Flower Full of Hope Episode Recap

The episode starts off at a waterfall, where three girls wearing bikinis were playing at the water. Behind the bushes on the shore, Jiraiya was peeking at them with a perverted look on his face and occasionally laughing to himself. Naruto then called for Jiraiya to help him train, but Jiraiya said that he was working on his research and told Naruto to do it by himself. Naruto then said that he was going to summon a toad that was the size of a house. Naruto then bit his thumb and formed hand seals before shouting, "Summoning Technique!" He summoned another tadpole.

Jiraiya then looked over at the tadpole. Displeased, he shouted over to Naruto that he had to put all of his chakra into it as if his life was depending on it. Naruto was trying his best, and then commented that the tadpole was bigger than the last time. Jiraiya replied that, despite that, it was still a tadpole. Therefore, Naruto's training wasn't doing very well.

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