COVERT AFFAIRS “World Leader Pretend” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "World Leader Pretend" Season 2 Episode 10 - It completely slipped my mind that this would be the mid-season finale. First I was looking for next week’s episode, then I briefly thought that this was an weak season finale, and then I realised my mistake and was somewhat cheered.

The plot of this week’s episode is this: Annie takes point on a mission to collect a Chinese asset she’s been cultivating online and get him to a safe house. All seems to go well, but Annie soon receives a call telling her that Chen is in hospital after being poisoned – and that Annie could be poisoned too. She’s checked out and deemed safe but Chen isn’t so lucky – his food was spiked with polonium and he’ll die soon.

Against Joan’s (and the State Departments) wishes, Annie and Auggie investigate. They discover the murderer and arrest him, and Arthur has his moment to shine when he punches a smarmy State Dept. official. All in all, a pretty regular episode of Covert Affairs. Read More...


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