Naruto Season 3 Episode 70

Kakashi orders Sakura to dispel the Genjutsu on Naruto and Shikamaru. She dispelled Naruto, and it turned out that Shikamaru had already done so. Kakashi told them that this was an A-Rank mission, and they needed to catch up to Sasuke. Pakkun noticed that Sound ninja were following them, and said that there were nine of them. Pakkun stopped, and told them to step on their footprints, so that it looked like that their prints had stopped. This would at least buy them some time.

Naruto told everyone that they should ambush them, but Pakkun told them that there would at least be a Jonin with those ninja following them. Then Shikamaru said that an ambush wouldn't work, because those ninja following them were trained for this, while their group was comprised of an idiot, a female ninja with no special talent, a dog, and the number one coward. Then Shikamaru said that they needed a decoy, so the other three could complete the mission. He said that the decoy would most probably die. Shikamaru said that he would do it, because his shadow imitation jutsu was designed to stop people. Naruto, Sakura, and Pakkun left him.

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