MASTERCHEF “Top 5 Compete” Review

MASTERCHEF "Top 5 Compete" Season 2, Episode 17 – Tonight’s MasterChef Mystery Box Challenge evoked grumbling from the remaining contestants once they discovered that the test was to create an elegant and delicious dish made from ground beef, ground pork and/or ground veal.

Throughout the entire Mystery Box segment, Suzy’s side interviews were driving me crazy. In the kitchen, she seemed quiet and calm, but once she was alone with the camera it was like her inner diva could no longer be contained. I’m not sure how manufactured that snarky persona is because the way those side interviews were cut together it made it seem like it would be impossible for her to feel anything but envy or disdain for her fellow competitors. Yet, when Ben won the challenge with his version of the shepherd’s pie, she was there in the background smiling and laughing along with all the other contestants who seemed genuinely happy for Ben. Read More...


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