PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Picture This” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Picture This" Season 2 Episode 9 – "A" sure stepped up her/his game this week on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, making Emily risk her relationship with Samara and all of her newfound friends in order to have her test results blocked. A’s antics reminded me of the time that Hanna was conned into eating all of those cupcakes and betraying Aria to avoid her secret coming out. When A hits, she/he hits low. So let’s break down this episode by character because I think it will be easier:

Emily – We might as well start with Emily as she was the one forced to bend to A’s will. Just when Em finally got a parental figure that was actually accepting of her sexuality and encouraged her to have friends over and to be herself, A comes along to destroy it. Nothing like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do you think Samara will ever forgive her? Emily is right. How could she ever begin to explain A and all that comes with A? I was starting to think Emily’s paranoia was a bit much, but now I see she was rightfully frightened. Read More...


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