'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Picture This'

Aria. Aria. Aria. What have you done? I mean, I could begrudgingly overlook the dirty dreams you were having about Jason DiLaurentis—it was your subconscious' fault, after all—but then you had to go and kiss him?! I bet you wouldn't have locked lips if you'd known he was stalking you with a telephoto lens. WHILE YOU SLEPT. Can I get a collective shudder?

But this being "Pretty Little Liars," Jason's weird photographic proclivities were just a fraction of the creepiness during last night's episode. Once again, the girls—done up in candystriper outfits—haunted the morgue, looking for the mysterious missing fifth page of Alison's autopsy report. With the same unfruitful results. But! For some inexplicable reason, a hospital attendant pranced Jenna through the basement (I thought the only thing down there was the morgue...) where the liars overheard the two discussing a surgery that could possible bring back Jenna's vision. We all know what that means: "Jenna can aim a gun once she sees." Double shudder. Read More...



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