Naruto Shippuden Season 4 Episode 118 Review: Formation!

The 118th episode of Naruto Shippuden entitled Formation has ended Saske's quest of finding his desired 3 powerful shinobi.

This episode dives into the details of Jugo's past, and his life coping with the cursed seal. As most already assumed, Jugo cannot control his cursed seal nor his desire to kill. He had locked himself away in a celled cage in a cave until Kimimaro came to bring him to Orochimaru.

We learn that Kimimaro and Jugo became close friends as Kimimaru was the one person who could restrain Jugo's cursed seal (and tendency to kill) without hurting him. Kimimaru was also the first person to be injected with Kugo's enzymes and take advantage of the cursed seal.

With Kimimaru dead Jugo is apprehensive to leave the northern hideout as he fears he will just go on another killing spree. However, Once Saske properly introduces himself (why he didn't do this in the first place I'm not sure) Jugo see's him as a Saske of Kimimaru. Since Kimimaru died to bring Saske to Orochimaru, Jugo decides to follow him.

With the troops finally rounded up, Saske publicly explains his goal - to kill Uchiha Itachi (who saw that coming). He also announces that this newly formed ninja group will go under the name hebi (snake).

Back at Konoha, Naruto and friends agree that the best way to find Saske is to also target Itachi as that is obviously where Saske is going.

I'm glad Saske has finally formed his group, and am looking forward to seeing the Uchiha showdown. Join us next week as we cover the one hour episode Kakashi Gaiden.

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